Milena Grujić

Corporate Account Coordinator

Milena Grujić is a Corporate Account Coordinator at ICT Hub Corpo Lab. She joined the team in June 2017 as a Host at ICT Hub’s innovation center – Playground, where she was responsible for managing, improving, and exploiting relationships with startups, as well as organising numerous tech events. In her new role at ICT Hub Corpo Lab, Milena will act as the first point of contact for existing corporate clients, answer their queries and increase client satisfaction.

As an excellent student, Milena participated as a mentee in AmChamps during 2016. AmChamps is an exclusive, educational program launched by AmCham Serbia with the aim of boosting leadership potential in young managers and University students, developing employment and talent pool and connecting the business sector with the academia. During the AmChamps program, Milena was actively engaged in all workshops and assignments.

She has gained comprehensive knowledge in a variety of business-related topics, completing the program as one of the top performers. She has only a few exams left to obtain the Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade.


Contact phone: +381604284821; Email: