Jelena Nenadić Mihajlović

Program Coordinator

Jelena Nenadić Mihajlović is a Program Coordinator at ICT Hub Corpo Lab. In this role, Jelena is based in Podgorica, where she is supervising the execution of the program for startups in MTEL Digitalna Fabrika, a first center for entrepreneurship and innovation in Montenegro. In addition, she brings a wide range of business knowledge and know how to make the behind the scenes operations in MTEL Digitalna Fabrika a smooth experience and exciting environment for startups and freelancers.

She is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. Before joining the ICT Hub Corpo Lab in 2017, Jelena was co-founder and CMO of Serbian-based startup Sport.Fund.

Her skills in both traditional and digital marketing have been honed by nearly a decade of successful work in various industries such as fashion, health as well as the sports and entertainment industries.

Jelena earned her B.A. in textile and clothes design from University of Belgrade. She is fluent in Serbian, Russian and English.

Contact phone: +381603536331; Email: