Đorđe Đorđević

Innovation Manager

Đorđe is the Innovation Manager at ICT Hub Corpo Lab. He joined the team in 2016, after more than 7 years of experience in project management in startups, non-profit sector and corporate projects. He co-founded Garage Lab Belgrade, an experimental hardware makerspace/laboratory, where he works with startups and youth on the latest technologies – Internet of Things (IoT), cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, robotics, electronics and 3D printing. He is also running a startup accelerator Smart City Challenge Serbia, which empowers startups focused on creating smart city solutions. He is working as a Business Developer adviser in several startups. He is passionate about connecting corporations with startups and introducing new, innovative approaches and technologies into the traditional industries.

Contact phone: +381 60 742 8486 ; Email: djordje.djordjevic@icthub.rs